Duncan Cruttenden Guitars: 2019 collaboration with James Collins Guitars

12th June 2020 by Duncan Cruttenden

As mentioned in my previous posts my early luthiers training was completed at Guitar Tech Courses www.guitartechcourses.com run by James Collins. James also runs a successful guitar building business www.jamescollinsguitars.com and in early 2019 I asked James if it was possible to enhance my skills and experience further by collaborating on building 2 of his guitar models, the GTA and the GTS. 

I am always keen to undertake new projects and learn new skills as I continue to develop as a luthier. We kicked this exciting project off on Friday 5th July, working every Friday, for 12 weeks.

The guitars were made from matching English woods, with Ash bodies and necks, Walnut caps and Bog Oak fingerboards and headstock veneers. The guitars have stunning decorative elements including James’s signature wave, but with the fret-markers on the wave as well as green veneers. The guitars were finished with nickel hardware and Bare Knuckle pickups (GTA – Mississippi Queen P90 / GTS – Stormy Mondays humbuckers).

This was another great opportunity to enhance my woodworking skills such as joining, routing, sanding, cutting (especially on the fingerboard and headstock wave) as well as my guitar building skills such as fret-slotting the fingerboard, installing fret-markers and side dots, neck carving, neck setting and hardware installation, set-up and intonation.

The guitars are stunning and have great playability and tone. Once the guitars were finished James exhibited them on his stand at the Guitar Summit exhibition in Mannheim, Germany and then at the London International Guitar show at Kempton Park Racecourse. I tagged along to support on the stands and to gain some understanding of exhibiting and discussing the guitar builds with potential clients. It was great fun and a great learning experience.

I was delighted with the response to the GTA and GTS that I had built with James’s guidance and support.

I look forward to returning to these exhibitions with my DC Guitars range.

The GTA and GTS are both available for purchase on James Collins Guitars website…