Duncan Cruttenden Guitars: The Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair 2020

1st July 2020 by Duncan Cruttenden

In October 2019, following redundancy, I decided to go back to the Galloup School of Guitar Building and Repair in Big Rapids, Michigan to take the Masters’ Program. Having completed the Acoustic Journeyman Program in 2017 I decided to take the Electric Journeyman in Term 1 2020. So, on January 3rd 2020 I headed back…

Here is a little pictorial timeline of the 10 weeks I spent at the school before coronavirus, and US and UK lockdowns, took over.

Let the Masters’ Program commence…

Term 1 Week 1

Week 2

What a week. 

I love this place.

Honing my skills! 

Spraying; scuffing back; fretting; set-ups and joining the cap and body of the Journeyman Electric.

Week 3

Time flies when you’re having fun 😃 A good start on the body of the Electric Project #2 and loads of set up work!

Week 4

Half way through the first term! This week has mainly been working on the fretboard and neck on the Electric with a great business and repair lecture with a focus on Taylor guitars.

Week 5

A week of shaping and sanding and we have a guitar! Still lots to do but this instrument is going to be cool!

Week 6

Wow! What a week. 6 weeks into the Electric Journeyman program and some cool new skills learnt with ‘false’ binding being the highlight. Can’t wait to see this guitar completed!

Week 7

Guitar #1 – the Aqua Burst is in the case. The final week of the Journeyman will be spent fitting out Guitar #2 – the Amber Burst. A busy week ahead of wet sanding, pick-up winding, fitting out and set-ups!

Week 8

Journeyman Electric Class completed (to go with my Acoustic Class from 2017). Now onto Term 2 and a carved top set neck Electric.

Well, that was the plan anyway…

Term 2, the Technician Program, started well with lots more set-up work as well as starting the 2nd term carve-top electric guitar. However, it was clear that the world was going to be facing a health crisis as coronavirus took hold across the globe with lockdowns in both the US and the UK forced the school to shut and I headed home.

In the meantime, it is now time to start building the DC Guitar range so please keep an eye out for new updates including the DC Electric Parlor.

Take care and stay safe folks.

The Amber Burst flat-top Electric Guitar is currently available on Reverb through Seaford Guitars…